Yup, I definitely am. I finished my final exams on October 31, 2016. I was ecstatic…initially. It was the end of this seemingly never-ending five year journey. It was a thing of joy, right? My parents called to congratulate ‘Dee-Dee the Pharmacist, the Graduate, their first seed’. They were so proud, if I do say so myself. Then, the bants at school from the students in other levels and classes started, ‘Sorry Ma, I know we are not graduates, don’t be angry *insert smirk*’, ‘Pharm. Desire!! When would we come to eat induction rice?’. These ones are even easier to deal with. The ones that kill me are extended family members and family friends. Some of them have even tried to receive ‘consultation’ from this apparent pharmacist-doctor-nurse person and the endless hails of ‘My Pharmacist!’ Sorry, please, I am just a baby girl. I do not really know what you think I know.


This apparent great moment of joy began to feel like a burden especially because I do not really know where to go from here. What do I do? Where do I go? Who am I now?

Do I get a job? Do I volunteer? Do I learn a skill? Do I start a blog? Or do I just sleep, watch TV and gain weight? Well, at least I got one going 🙂. Then, my parents suggested that I sleep and gain weight. You know, I should actually fit that suggestion in.

The next step is crucial to me. I could do the typical thing of getting a job as a locum pharmacist in any Community Pharmacy and going straight into internship after induction but am I ready for that?

The simple answer is…..

No.No. No. No. I am not ready to do that. I am just not interested, not right now. I mean, much respect to my classmates who hustled to get the jobs they have. I am really proud of them for obtaining jobs so quickly and making money by themselves. I am also in awe that they were able to pick themselves up so rapidly to commit to an 8-5 right now. First, I am too lazy right now, then the lack of interest just multiplied my unreadiness, so kudos to you, my VIN ’16 (UNILAG Pharmacy Graduating Class of 2016) guys!!


However, as it is…


What then, am I interested in? What do I want to do with the next couple of months I have? What do I really want?blog27

I know some of you can relate to being ‘in transition’ like this. The gap just seems mundane and unnecessary, you just want to skip right to the happy part. Bruh, I feel you!That is where I am right now

However, I believe that this is a part of life and growth and that these times could make for great sources of growth in self and relationships. Instead of wishing for happiness, we could actually be filled with joy one step at a time.

In a bid to bring joy, here are some steps we could take to make the time productive to make things better, and life more interesting :

  • Get closer to God: During my time in University, one of my greatest goals was to be in a healthy, loving relationship….with God. I did not reach the goals I set for myself, but I did make palpable progress in the past 5 years. I told myself several times that I was too busy, I just did not have the time. Deep down, I knew it was not enough, but at the time it seemed to work. Now, I do not have such reasons and I intend to (and have started already 🙂) really make good use of the time I have, God-willing. We should take some of the time we have now to get closer, it has all the advantages of peace, hope, joy and love wrapped in one good place. Hopefully, His Grace helps us continue and not relent even when time is not abundant as it is now.
  • Learn a skill or two (or even more!): I have found myself to be interested in hand crafts like Bead-making and tailoring. I find it somewhat captivating and I really want to learn. I posted learning for a bit (due to laziness 😦), but I finally started learning how to sew a.k.a. The art of tailoring! I also intend to sharpen my bead making skills as I had taken a mini-course about four years ago. I would also like to learn proper culinary skills, but we will take this whole thing small small.blog7

I know it could seem confusing and the logistics may be daunting, but just start with what you have! It is better that you try, at least. It could be anything you are passionate about, or at least interested in. Learn how to play a new instrument, a new language, sharpen your gaming skills, writing skills, whatever you want!

  • Read, read, read: I know, reading may seem like it is not really your thing, but if you got this far, you must like reading a teeny weeny bit at least (or maybe you are just being supportive, I really appreciate it!). Read books, read the newspaper, read your old school notes (I know how that sounds, but it would be of great help), read your Bible, just read! It really does sharpen the mind, and builds it soul. It also helps your knowledge base, you know. It is easy, there are e-books, and there are really cheap books all around.
  • Eat and exercise properly: It is paramount that we take care of ourselves. Looking good is feeling good. Since there is time, we should take some of it to watch how, what and when we eat. Minimize junk, it is bad for us. Prepare food hygienically, and to your taste. It is amazing to do, trust me! Don’t forget to chip in exercise. Build your strength slowly, but steadily.
  • Organize your space: This could be a one-time thing or continuous. After my project defense, I moved out of hostel back home. We had just moved houses, so you can imagine. I decided to take out time to clean up and arrange my room and certain parts of the house to make it look and feel better. It was very satisfying and just made me feel productive. It does not have to be done at once and it does not have to be a big project, but, be like Nike…

    I know this is lame, I could not help myself. 🙂
  • Form new habits: You know that morning routine you have been wanting to establish for years, yes, that one, start it now! Habits are hard to break, if you have good ones, thay make you a better person so you can have the best results. Start having your bath two times daily, take your meds religiously, take that daily stroll, spend time consciously with your loved ones. Do what you want, but ensure you are consistent It could also be unlearning a not-so-great habit like binge-watching Netflix all day long (especially when we have things to do).

The great philosopher Aristotle said,”We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act, but a habit”.

  • Keep in touch: With friends and loved ones. I am the absolute worst at this, but it is absolutely important to do so. I have had to learn this the hard way. They would brighten a moody day and be strength at times you don’t have enough or vice versa.
  • Learn to love and understand yourself: I think most of us do not love ourselves enough, we are quick to judge, scold and look down on ourselves. I am guilty of this at times. take a pen, criticize yourself (pros and cons), embrace yourself, and make a mental and physical note to love You! Work towards becoming a better You, consciously. We expect that it would come naturally, but it does not always come, especially in times of loss, peril, or times like this. Love Yourself! You deserve it!!

There are definitely other things we could do. These are just some of them. Just ensure you are happy in your being. I intend to do so myself. I believe you will too. Wishing you the very best.

We can do this!!!!!

 Any ideas or suggestions you have would be highly appreciated. Let me know in the comments! Thank you.

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This is where it begins. This is where the journey begins.

It has been a long time coming, and I finally took the leap.

I have absolutely no clue of an idea of what I am doing but I know this is what I should do. I have not even figured out what to do with this space, but this is a point of release and joy. That is enough for me.

Blogs make me so happy and inspired. They are a real source of happiness for me. Some people may not understand, but I do (Holla if you do!). I never imagined that I would be here, in my own virtual space.

I am in transition, in limbo. This is the beginning of a new phase, a new being.

I look forward to looking at this, in a couple of months or years, and smiling.

This is Quintessential Desire.

Determined to find and become.

Aspiring to love and laugh no matter who, what or where.

Longing for a life overflowing with God… Faith, Hope and Grace.

Sharing herself, no matter how frivolous.


I am Desire.