Hey Tribe,

I am doing something a bit different today. When I started this blog, one of the things I wanted to include was Style. I took these pictures a long time ago, but I have had a hard time putting them up.

Here’s why… I do not think I look good in bodycon anything simply because I feel like I am too skinny for it and it does not suit my body type at all. However, I bought this dress from a friend and I have only worn it as a top once. I had to think of ways to wear it and feel at peace while wearing it.

Also, the fact that the quality of the pictures isn’t great made me consider scrapping it altogether and honestly, I also had the fear that no one would read the post.

However, one of my major goals for this new year (it was my birthday two days ago 😊) is to ‘Do it Afraid!’. I know this might not seem like a big deal to you, but having my pictures ‘out there’s scares the heck out of me, so here I am… Conquering my fears, as this post sat in my drafts for seven months!!Read More »


Heck Yes, Hell No! : Ultimate Tips For The Cross Country Nigerian Road Trip

Hey Tribe,

Tips for the trip.. See what I did there.😏

Experience has led me to realize that Nigeria is really a great place to have a transport company. You would be shocked at the number of people that travel via road everyday.

I really admire my Igbo people that travel via land several times a year to the le hometown. Lagos to Anambra is an average seven hour journey (and it’s just the first state after the Niger Bridge) while Abuja is about eleven hours away. I appreciate that there are people who travel every month, or week.

On the other hand, some people I know have never travelled past Ibadan from Lagos. For people like me who are simply not used to long distance travels, it can be either an adventure or a sordid bore. I think everyone would prefer the former, actually.

That’s what this is about..helping you make thevery best of your road trip!Read More »

Six Couples You Definitely Me(e)t In University

Hey Tribe,

The previous post struck such a nerve within me, and I know it was kind of heavy-handed, so today, let’s be light-hearted!  Do catch up of you missed previous posts.

I really do think retrospect is a great thing, and considering Love and Romance in Post-Secondary school is very, very interesting. This is the period where you think you have found the love of your life in anyone whom you are in mutual ‘like’ with. Unfortunately, it is also known as the period where we could get the most heart-broken in your life mostly because we are truly too young for the emotional uptake it requires.

When the person you are so ‘in love’ with does not even give you side-eye, e dey pain. However, when he/she gives you hope and crushes your heart to baby powder and you’re trying to turn it to gravel, it can be quite devastating. All in all, it is actually an amazing time to go through.

In my school, there was a great level of freedom of interaction.

Males were allowed into female hostels and vice-versa. There were mixed hostels. There was no curfew for residents. Classes were left open through the night to allow students read. It was pretty chill and let-your-hair-down-y.

You’d always see people at night and we had 24-hour stores open (perks of living in a hospital compound).

Majority of the people you’d see in the middle of the night were the ‘couples’. Continuously walking up and down, when all you could think of is your bed… to sleep, you’d wonder how they don’t get tired! LUTH/ CMUL guys totally understand me.

Love as an undergrad cum teenybopper can come in various interesting ways, these are just some of them. At the end of the day, its still all…Read More »