Hey Tribe,

I guess it is safe to say, at this point, that I am such a random somebody. Today, I am talking about the importance of The Girl Child. Tomorrow, I am here dreaming about people that don’t even know I exist.

Hope you’ve had a good BAAD week! Be prepared, you’ll see this word a lot here.

Weddings in Nigeria have a life of their own, the Bella Naija Weddings account has over 2.7 millon Instagram followers! There are tons of other ‘wedding’ accounts, pre-wedding photos accounts, aso-ebi accounts among others. It’s a culture on its own.

Let us just take a few minutes…


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Hey Tribe,

Welcome (back)! How’s it going? Work has been on another level of stress, but sebi na me say I wan work? I must work the work!

I am not big on Family Guy, but when I do come across it a couple of times, I find it to be very interesting (although it could be a mite inappropriate). I remember the dad (Peter Griffin) always saying, ‘You know what really grinds my gears…’ to describe what irks him.

I don’t think of myself as very tolerant of the human excesses, but truthfully, I think I try (I know that was a lame attempt at being diplomatic). There are some things that I can stand but would viscerally annoy other people.

For example, my sister Favour (who deals in Great quality hair!) cannot stand people who do not retain quiet while eating. Any mouth opening, loud chewing totally puts her off and even when I feel like I should get a Nobel Prize for great eating etiquette, she still says, ‘Desire, please could you stop making noises with your mouth?’ and sometimes, I wonder what the problem is when I am doing my best. Read More »

Three Things Your Young Pharmacist Does Not Want You To Know.

Hey Tribe,

I am still trying to get used to children greeting me as I walk past them. It even moves me more when they add ‘Aunty’ to it. The one that even slays me is when the mothers of my paediatric patients call me ‘Ma’, I actually L..O..L, and give them the ‘Ma’ back with greater intensity.

I don’t know if it is because of my relatively small size or just because I am new to this adulting something.

Sometimes I still look at myself and think, ‘Oh Desire, you’re a pharmacist’ and I laugh at myself. Just the mere thought that people both young and old think I know what I am doing all the time is so cute, really.

I now talk to my parents about their health with such seriousness and I realize now how a license (and well, five years of training) could truly change things quite swiftly.

All of a sudden you can have a proper job, advice people assertively, have a ‘title’ imprinted on your clinical coat and whatnot, so it does have its perks.

Now, we would like to have all things pertaining to knowledge sorted and settled once we throw our caps in the air (which I never got to do, because guess who was late to her convocation?), but it doesn’t quite happen like that.

I cannot quite speak for other professions, as I have not done any research on this, but I can confidently speak on mine from experience and that of my juvenile (in the profession) colleagues.

I do know that as a budding pharmacist, there are certain things  that may be best left unknown and these are some of them; Read More »

BOOK REVIEW|| ‘Are We The Turning Point Generation?’ by Chude Jideonwo

Hey Tribe,

How are you doing? How are you truly doing?

Honestly, I wonder what answers we actually expect when we throw these questions out there into the universe. Wouldn’t it be rather interesting if people actually answered these questions?

Oh, and it’s a new month. Happy New Month! I am just super thankful because I am done with the first quarter of my internship!! Still a long way to go, but thankful still.

Did you read last week’s post? If you have not, then get over here! You just might need it (Or know someone who does).

I had always thought about including book reviews here, but I have been trying to streamline the purpose and content of this space, so it may or may not be a constant moving forward.

However, this book changed me.

This is not a hackneyed statement for me at all. I did not expect the depth of influence it would have on me.

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