Hey Tribe,
I am always so excited about the festive season. Everyone is happy, and there is always something to celebrate and people are always willing to spend. One of my fond memories of my younger years is the money given when we’d go to a family member or friend’s house during this period. Too bad I am too old for this, in fact, I have become the ‘aunty’. I lived for those moments, even though our parents always ‘borrowed’ the money, and we never physically saw them again.

Good times, good times!

2016 was something. 2017 was been something else…

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EZE NWANYI || A Brief Interview With Folayemi Agusto Of Eat.Drink.Lagos

Hey Tribe,

In true Nigerian fashion, Compliments of the season, my people!

To this little family who keep supporting A BU M DESIRE despite her inconsistency and randomness, God bless you all.

I like food, a lot. I know my less than 50kg body does not show that, but I really do. I really believe that is my major reason for reading Eat.Drink.Lagos. I really thought that I would be the one for everybody, cruising round Lagos, eating and being happy, but uhh, no. I have not gotten there. Someday, though! We must get there.

I literally look forward to the Eat.Drink.Festival every single time, and unfortunately I could not attend this Christmas edition, because, Delta.

Earlier in the year, I was so excited about this blog (still am), and I really wanted to interview young, Power Women doing great things in their fields. In the rush of God knows what, I emailed Eat.Drink.Lagos and requested to interview one half of them, Folayemi Agusto.

She co-owns Eat.Drink Media (Eat.Drink.Festival, Eat.Drink.Lagos and The Eat.Drink.Bot) as well as being the Events and Guests Coordinator At Andela. She has also been featured, alongside Nosa, on CNN’s African Voices. (Did I hear you say Goals? You’re right).

She graduated from The University Of Virginia, with a major in Sociology (Honors) and a minor in French. Her Thesis “Gentrification, Gated Communities and the Spatial Properties of Inequality in Lagos, Nigeria” won the Distinguished Major Thesis Award for the best  Distinguished Major paper written in her year.

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THIS IS IT! | | 3 + 1 Important Marital Lessons from Tee and Dede.

Hey Tribe,

How’s the week going?

Mine has been super stressful. The last time I had this much stress was probably during the completion of my final year project last year. Oh dear Lord, it was quite a time!

It’s amazing how things that seem like they would never ever end do that… End!

I have been thinking about writing this for so long for three major reasons;

I was so in love with these characters.

This was such a beautiful, but relatable story.

Nick Mutuma (Tee) is my husband, full stop (Don’t even argue with me)

I found out about this series through my husband’s Instagram. Now, if you don’t know ‘This Is It’, please go now after reading this, go and watch it.

Quick Synopsis

Dede (23) and Tee (26) are a young couple who are newlyweds, and we go through their daily struggles with life and all its shenanigans. From work to difficulty in procreation and friendships, we get to see a brief view of what the first year of marriage could entail.

Personally, I aspire to marriage (eventually)… more on this later. and like I said before, I love Love!

Now, I like to learn and take something positive from my daily activities, and after using my own hard-earned data on YouTube for that long, I had to learn something.

I’m even at the age where Dede got married and my classmates are getting engaged and married upandan. It’s time to prepare for the future.😂Read More »