EZE NWANYI || A Brief Interview With Folayemi Agusto Of Eat.Drink.Lagos

Hey Tribe,

In true Nigerian fashion, Compliments of the season, my people!

To this little family who keep supporting A BU M DESIRE despite her inconsistency and randomness, God bless you all.

I like food, a lot. I know my less than 50kg body does not show that, but I really do. I really believe that is my major reason for reading Eat.Drink.Lagos. I really thought that I would be the one for everybody, cruising round Lagos, eating and being happy, but uhh, no. I have not gotten there. Someday, though! We must get there.

I literally look forward to the Eat.Drink.Festival every single time, and unfortunately I could not attend this Christmas edition, because, Delta.

Earlier in the year, I was so excited about this blog (still am), and I really wanted to interview young, Power Women doing great things in their fields. In the rush of God knows what, I emailed Eat.Drink.Lagos and requested to interview one half of them, Folayemi Agusto.

She co-owns Eat.Drink Media (Eat.Drink.Festival, Eat.Drink.Lagos and The Eat.Drink.Bot) as well as being the Events and Guests Coordinator At Andela. She has also been featured, alongside Nosa, on CNN’s African Voices. (Did I hear you say Goals? You’re right).

She graduated from The University Of Virginia, with a major in Sociology (Honors) and a minor in French. Her Thesis “Gentrification, Gated Communities and the Spatial Properties of Inequality in Lagos, Nigeria” won the Distinguished Major Thesis Award for the best  Distinguished Major paper written in her year.

We get to know a bit more about the person behind the brand!

Hi Folly,

Could you introduce Folayemi Agusto to us?

One half of EDL. Born in Lagos, Raised in Lagos. Studied Sociology and French at the University of Virginia. I love water (not swimming) but I like the beach, rowing, and generally being on a boat. I’m also passionate about financial analysis, social media, and technology

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Shy. Impatient. Emotional.

Which women are a source of inspiration to you?

I won’t say she’s a source of inspiration to me but Queen Elizabeth II fascinates me because I believe she’s lived a remarkable life across many time periods.

Your thesis in University won the Distinguished Major Thesis Award for the best Distinguished Major paper in your graduating class, what would you consider to be your greatest achievement so far?

Eat Drink Festival and my thesis prize.

Words you would like to tell Folayemi Agusto of 2012? (Words you would like to tell the you of 5 years ago)

Stop being a hermit and go out more.

When did you get into blogging?

I think I started my first blog in 2010.

You used to blog about hair on CollegeFashionista a while back, now with Eat.Drink.Lagos, you are a food blogger, what other facet of life could you blog about?

No, I didn’t blog about hair on CollegeFashionista. CollegeFashionista is a fashion blog that has contributors in different universities across the world. I was a contributor for my university. I guess I could blog about hair.

Reportedly, over 8000 people attended the #EatDrinkFestival 2.1, what inspired you and Nosa to start it up?

We felt that Lagos needed an event where chef and other home cooks who do not have restaurants have an opportunity to sell their food to a larger audience.

You are one half of the team that founded eatDrink Media and you have Artisans Gift Company, as well as havinga 9-5 job. How do you deal?

Time Management is key. Make Lists. You just have to be very organized.  It’s really not easy having a “side hustle” because you essentially have two jobs.

In a sentence, what advice do you have for the young entrepreneur or recent graduate trying to find their footing.

Starting one’s own company is not the only path to success.

If you had the powers to change (or improve on) anything about the ‘Nigerian mentality’, what would they be?

I’d give Nigerians more empathy

If you had an all-expense paid trip to anywhere in the world based on your love for their cuisine, where would you go?


Most people do not know you are fluent in French, could you tell us one more thing we do not know about Folayemi Agusto?

I’m actually not fluent in French, but many people don’t know that I used to dream of being a model.


Eba or Amala?


Tropical Dream or Winter Wonderland?

Tropical Dream

Ice-Cream Or Yoghurt?


Night Crawler Or Early Riser?

Early riser

Red Or White Wine?


Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling?


Comedy or Thriller?


Fried or Grilled Chicken?

Fried, except it’s Chicken Republic then grilled.

Wristwatches or Necklaces?


Barack Obama or Michelle Obama?



I am really,truly inspired by Folly and it is quite obvious that she puts in a lot of work into her craft and I always respect that.

She is an… EZE NWANYI.



Going through with this interview gave me two major life lessons, and I just thought to share.


I don’t know what I was really thinking, getting all hyped up about the interview and then asking some rather ‘interesting’ questions because I wanted to do quick quick. After everything, see me posting it after months! Just like this time, I should have paid attention to detail and done more research prior to sending her the questions.

For example, she gave me the option of having a phone interview, but I decided to go with e-mail. Truth be told, I was scared. Thinking back, I am so sure that it’d have been more real and relatable (even though it might have taken a bit more effort).

I should have taken my time and asked more relevant questions. It could have been so much better than this, to be honest.

Next time, I will take time to actually come out with better content. Like it is said, ‘The race is not for the swift’. I am so glad I have learnt this lesson.


In the midst of my deriding myself for doing less than par, I am really happy that I actually did this!

Like, I actually took myself to ask someone who has no relationship or contact with me for an actual favour which she was so kind to grant to me, as much of a no-brand as I am now (I mean this lady has been on CNN!).

She could have said NO! She had the choice to not reply my e-mail, but she was so kind to do otherwise.

It actually helped to improve my overall confidence and and that was one of the highlights of my 2017.

So, to you, just do it! Shoot the shot!

Sometimes we’d be rejected, sometimes we won’t be.

 Yes, we’d suck at it for a bit, but we do it…until we suck no more.

So, yeah, more interviews coming up! I am pretty excited about it. Moving on and up till I suck no more.

P.S. I have no pictures, obviously, because I didn’t have any sent to me personally,  so to be safe, I did not cop any from another source. However, you can see a picture of Folayemi Agusto here.

Ahh, you made it here! Thank you so much for reading!

Enjoy the holidays Tribe!

Also, remember:

Remain thankful even if your tank ain’t full .(I love Nigerian humour)



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