Hey Tribe,
I am always so excited about the festive season. Everyone is happy, and there is always something to celebrate and people are always willing to spend. One of my fond memories of my younger years is the money given when we’d go to a family member or friend’s house during this period. Too bad I am too old for this, in fact, I have become the ‘aunty’. I lived for those moments, even though our parents always ‘borrowed’ the money, and we never physically saw them again.

Good times, good times!

2016 was something. 2017 was been something else…

2017 has been amazing, in every sense of the word.
This year, I became an adult. Okay, it’s out there and there is no turning back.

This year started out pretty bleh.

I was jobless, bored, all over the place and had four goals- better blog, better God-Desire relationship, start internship at NAFDAC, Lagos and learn how to sew.
It was s blur for the most part, but I remember the parts that matter.
All my defenses were dissolved and built again all through this year. It was tough, but I am honestly so grateful for ALL of it. I know I sound like everyone else, you know, but this is how I feel.

I gave myself joy this year. I didn’t let the negativity take me for a ride. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t feel let down- I did, a lot! (like the fact that I didn’t even get internship in Lagos, not to even mention NAFDAC). The great part was that I stood up eventually, and that is even an achievement in itself, but I digress.
This year I let Desire just be Desire, you know. At a point, which I don’t remember, I decided that I wanted to do better, to be better, to live better, imbibe better and I actually did.

was going to do a ‘Lessons Learnt’ just like in 2016, but I changed my mind and decided to be specifically positive. Call me old school, but I also believe it would set a good tone for 2018.
So, my people, here goes nothing:

I finally let go of someone whom I thought I couldn’t be without when I allowed myself react as a person that deserves better. I realized that love isn’t words, it isn’t about what you ‘had at a point’. Love is ever-present. It never leaves, if it does, then it never was. I still do love and care about this person, and as much as I hate this, I have to let them be in their own phase and space. One day, maybe..

I had my first ‘adventure’ this year. I actually did the LCC Canopy Walk and I survived it! I was so afraid, I cried, but I did it! I know this might be a bit extra, but this was legitimately a life-changing experience for me. It actually led me to understand how much strength I could harness, since I already possess it.

My sister, Favour, literally named her business, Desire Hairven, after me! Y’all!!! This left me feeling like I am definitely doing something right in this life. She could have named it after anyone or anything, but she chose me! I have an amazing, beautifully crafted Family whom I would never, ever, ever want to change for even a second!

I have always wanted to be part of a bigger cause than myself, and I finally made a true step to doing this in 2017 through Beibei Haven, a Not-for-profit organization which deals with people with Fertility issues, Baby Loss, Pregnancy Loss and other related causes.
Guys, people are going through stuff in this life. We don’t even know!
I learnt slightly how to make myself accountable through them, and I was blessed to meet powerful, strong people who are willing to be of help to others at no cost. It always warms my heart.

I have such great a great friendship base. I know people always say you can’t really trust people, but I have got a couple of people who have it, and I know that they still got me, no matter what! So, Nope. Friendship isn’t overrated.

I have minimized my anger issues. This is both a positive confession and a recent development in my life. If you know me like my family and friends do, you know this is a real step up for me.

Ahh, this blog! I have grown to actually love this space. Sometimes, I just refresh it and stare at it. I just love the fact that I have this online diary sort of thing. The comments…oh, the comments! They have made me beam (every single one!!. I started this blog around this time last year after so much fear, so much anxiety and so much uncertainty. It is not so much yet (heck, I still have no ‘niche’), but God-willing, it will amount to so much greatness.

Living in a new place with no family or old friends around means take care of yourself by yourself! Cooking, cleaning, waking up, the whole nine! I have had to do every single thing, and contrary to my initial fears, I have been doing pretty well in this department. I believe I am a good cook, not the best, but quite good (and I intend that at the end of 2018, I would be even better. Culinary school, I am coming for you!)
P.S. Major shout-out to my Mummy for all the times she forced me to the kitchen.

2017 was Desire’s year to embrace herself unapologetically. I have somehow retained my size for at least eight years, and after complaining about it for so long, I decided to take it as a blessing. I embraced Desire, all 49kg, 166cm of her!!
In the last half of the year, I actually looked at myself in the mirror and constantly told myself how beautiful I am. You know, the best part is, I believe it with no iota of doubt. I swipe on my red lipstick, Glasses Of Eden frames and hop on to work feeling like that beautifully made creature the Bible talks about.

I finally met them! The reasons for ‘Men Are Scum’.
The thing is, I live in my own world most of the time, and I have been ever so lucky to meet truthful, genuine people so when I heard of ‘men are scum, it was abstract to me. However, in the past few months I finally, personally met some, and I am not even angry at them, I feel sad, really sad, for them, and the people who love and believe them. Thankfully, I am not one of them.
Why is this an achievement? Simple. I now feel like I am growing up and have finally left my beloved cocoon,.

Iri Na Otu.
Baby girl is a Pharmacist, apparently. I convoked and got inducted into Pharmacists’ Council Of Nigeria this year. It was an amazing moment, and what gave me the highest degree of joy was seeing the pride in my family.

On the other hand, I absolutely love my profession, and I know we have a long way to go, but I am happy because I strongly believe that I am a part of the generation that will move us forward.

Iri Na Abuo.
I moved six hours away from home! I know it is not so far, but, for Uba Desire, it is planets away from home. I am such a home bug that I literally cannot believe that I was able to do it. Everyone is still surprised at this.
Iri Na Ato.
I got my first (and second) actual job this year. I have actually earned and been paid salaries. Not a big deal, eh? Nope, it is, to me. To work and be paid for your knowledge and time, no matter how little, has been a blessing to me. It has made me appreciate what I have and where I am coming from.

Iri Na Ano.
Look who has been able to live alone in a town where she knew no one, has no family or friends. Like I said in this post, I have had to move away from home to do my internship, and I thought I would run back to Lagos after a week, but guess who is still here.. and thriving too?!
Iri Na Ise.
This year, I read more…. Books, articles, Instagram captions, you name it! This has been a major goal for me in years past, but I would always end up reading a few. 2017 was not that year. I am a Nerd cum bookworm. I literally can read anywhere, I don’t care. I am that girl that read a chemistry textbook at a wedding (well, until my uncle decided to interrupt me). This year, I bought more books than ever, and I was intentional about the books I read so I thoroughly enjoyed my bibliophile life this year. I am hoping to have a 1000-book library by the end of 2018, and even more importantly, read more books.
Iri Na Isii.
I am a Sewist-In-Progress. This year I started learning how to sew properly, bought a sewing machine, and made a few items of clothing. I am still learning how to sew and I can see the progress I have made! It is something I totally love doing. Tailoring, designing, garment creation in general is harrrdddd. I have so much respect for people in this field now, it’s insane! It’s a pretty tasking journey, but I am so happy to take it head on.
Iri Na Asaa.
I turned 23 this year! Look, just the mere fact that I am alive in Christ, and I lost none of my loved ones this year is the greatest gift of all.
And we are done!!!
Whew! Eventful, wasn’t it?

P.S. Otu, Abuo… Iri na asaa are Igbo words for Numbers 1, 2…17
Pp.S. I made this dress featured in this post, guys!

What do you think?

What are you thankful for this year?

I hope you enjoyed this because I thoroughly enjoyed writing it.

See you in 2018!!!!


12 thoughts on “THE RECAP || 17 BLESSINGS IN 2017!!

  1. Happy New year Desire. So many blessing of 2017. Congrats on official becoming a pharmacist, getting that job and getting paid (it really is a blessing), loving yourself better, stepping out of your comfort zone and letting go of that one for better (you’re brave). Also did you make the dress yourself? Because if so you did good! Have a year filled with open doors!

    Princess Audu

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Sarah!
      Thank you so much, for reading this in detail, this comment shows it and for your kind words. I really, really appreciate it.
      I did make the dress myself, thank you!
      Have an amazing and blessed year Sarah!


  2. Wow, 1000 books…I’m with you on this journey. I recently joined some Reading Group and I hope to read as many books as shared.
    ‘Men are Scum’, really 😁😩 I’m glad you learnt your lessons and moved on pretty fast.
    The dress caught my attention by the way, you did good.


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