Learning Life || Four New Ways I’m Loving Myself

Self-love is being preached everywhere I go. I am not quite sure if it’s just how my social media is set up but I keep coming across the act of self-love. As a teenager, I had no real idea of this concept because honestly all was quite well in my world.

When adulthood began to force herself into my life I struggled with losing myself and self-love( its dearth actually) became my reality. This wasn’t (and isn’t) in terms of putting myself above others or placing them above myself.

This is simply about not excluding myself from joy. It really is about allowing myself truly be well… myself and enjoy the seemingly vague things that assist in cumulating my happinessContinue reading “Learning Life || Four New Ways I’m Loving Myself”



Hey Tribe,

It feels so good to say that again!! It has been a lifetime since I was here. I never particularly stopped writing, but I did stop sharing. Plus, I was almost totally off the internet for about five months which was an experience in itself. I do promise that I am here for good now.

I recently turned 24 which makes me three years older than Kylie Jenner and less than a year younger than Justin Bieber.

Maybe I’m too old to be called a girl. It’s getting real. Its a lot to take in when I try to think about what the hell I am doing with my life.

I do have a few achievements which would be unfair of me to ignore. A steady work life, an actual profession, and a firm family and friendship base, to mention a few.

Now, even as I typed this , I cringed. Continue reading “Help Me!|| THIS GIRL HAS LOST HER DREAMS.”


Happy International Women’s Month!

I am still fascinated by the fact that we are in March (what?) already! This is my second year celebrating Women’s Day and Month so you can imagine my shock when I found out it has been celebrated since the early 1990’s.

I am ecstatic about the change I see every day. We are not where we should be, but the outpouring for International Women’s Day (IWD) this year was overflowing. I was super happy!


As an avid blog reader and commenter, I have been blessed (yes, blessed) to have followed these women over a few years and their content creation, thoughts on life, consistency and overall being has been soothing to my soul.


These women are whom you’d call your ‘average girls’; relatable and down-to-earth. From a lawyer to medical doctors, a full-time content creator and a Business/ Communications Manager, they have given me real-time proof to back up the seeming cliché saying, ‘You can do whatever you dream’, and I am here for that, always.

Ps. All characters in BLUE are clickable.


LIFE RECENTLY || Living Six Months In Delta State

Hey Tribe,

If you read this post or follow me on Instagram, then you would know that I am currently living and working in Agbor, Delta State. It has been exactly six months since I came here, and… It. Has. Been. Real! I still do not understand where the time went, but here we are.

I wasn’t quite sure what format to utilize in explaining how life has been so far, so I decided to wing it.

Shall we? Continue reading “LIFE RECENTLY || Living Six Months In Delta State”


One of my more interesting memories from University was one of my preceptors in LUTH during my 400 Level SIWES (synonymous to student internship) asked me, in all seriousness, whether I had narcolepsy (Dictionary definition- sudden and uncontrollable attacks of deep sleep, sometimes accompanied by paralysis and hallucinations). Basically, we were expected to work 8am- 4pm but I got there late because most times, I would wake up late and I would still always sleep anyhow during work. Obviously, he was exaggerating but sleep is my absolute favourite hobby.

I remember in final year of secondary school, telling my friends that in University, I would never have my hair out and I would always have either a weave or braids on. Ha, what a joke! I ended up being the girl who cut her hair and stopped having weaves sewn in all together (PS. I will never have a sew-in in my life ever again!). I really thought I would be a make-up maverick, but till today, I still don’t know how to ‘draw’ my eyebrows.

I cannot believe that it has been a whole year since my convocation ceremony! Where did the time go?

There is so much hope and expectation that comes with new life phases. Prior to beginning, we plan what we want to happen including how and when they would happen.

I got in University with so many expectations, and I am both happy and sad that I did not get all I wanted. There are some things I really do wish I knew prior to this post- Secondary school experience. Gosh, I am old now (I say this a lot, I know). I cannot believe I am talking about University in retrospect, but then, here are five greater lessons I learnt from years of hardwork, fun and perseverance. Here, we go:


5 (+1) Free Apps That Will Ultimately Improve Your Life.

Hey Tribe!

I know that the people who know me would have read the title of this post, and would have rolled their eyes. Why?

Just because I literally suck at ‘using’ my phone. I am that extremely annoying person that constantly leaves her phone at home and replies WhatsApp messages after three days. I just learnt how to properly use Xender three months ago. Yes, I am that girl, and no, I am not proud to be that person. They would be wondering what I think I know about phones or technology in general.

However, when I do use my phone, I spend A LOT of time on Instagram, which personally does not profit much, except the fact that I admire the people and stories I witness there. It would be nice to actually use my phone for something that would productive for ME, instead of just constantly watching others be productive.

This is where this post comes in handy. These apps are amazing and have been thoroughly helpful in my everyday life.

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2018: The Year We Finally Give Up!

Hey Tribe,

It’s 2018… but you already know that.

 So maybe you’re like me, and you told yourself that you would make 2018 YOUR year but then you (we) find yourself awake in the morning and realize that two weeks have gone, and you have no real goals, no movement, no change.

You (like me) may have read endless articles about ‘how to make 2018 the best year ever’ or even posts about other people’s goals, and thought yes, my time has come! 2018 we will ‘slay’ but that isn’t quite happening?

Welcome to the club. Get your self-acquainted with the rest of us.

Now that we’re all done, can we FINALLY JUST GIVE UP? Continue reading “2018: The Year We Finally Give Up!”