Hey Tribe,

I guess it is safe to say, at this point, that I am such a random somebody. Today, I am talking about the importance of The Girl Child. Tomorrow, I am here dreaming about people that don’t even know I exist.

Hope you’ve had a good BAAD week! Be prepared, you’ll see this word a lot here.

Weddings in Nigeria have a life of their own, the Bella Naija Weddings account has over 2.7 millon Instagram followers! There are tons of other ‘wedding’ accounts, pre-wedding photos accounts, aso-ebi accounts among others. It’s a culture on its own.

Let us just take a few minutes…


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Hey Tribe,

Welcome (back)! How’s it going? Work has been on another level of stress, but sebi na me say I wan work? I must work the work!

I am not big on Family Guy, but when I do come across it a couple of times, I find it to be very interesting (although it could be a mite inappropriate). I remember the dad (Peter Griffin) always saying, ‘You know what really grinds my gears…’ to describe what irks him.

I don’t think of myself as very tolerant of the human excesses, but truthfully, I think I try (I know that was a lame attempt at being diplomatic). There are some things that I can stand but would viscerally annoy other people.

For example, my sister Favour (who deals in Great quality hair!) cannot stand people who do not retain quiet while eating. Any mouth opening, loud chewing totally puts her off and even when I feel like I should get a Nobel Prize for great eating etiquette, she still says, ‘Desire, please could you stop making noises with your mouth?’ and sometimes, I wonder what the problem is when I am doing my best. Read More »

Three Things Your Young Pharmacist Does Not Want You To Know.

Hey Tribe,

I am still trying to get used to children greeting me as I walk past them. It even moves me more when they add ‘Aunty’ to it. The one that even slays me is when the mothers of my paediatric patients call me ‘Ma’, I actually L..O..L, and give them the ‘Ma’ back with greater intensity.

I don’t know if it is because of my relatively small size or just because I am new to this adulting something.

Sometimes I still look at myself and think, ‘Oh Desire, you’re a pharmacist’ and I laugh at myself. Just the mere thought that people both young and old think I know what I am doing all the time is so cute, really.

I now talk to my parents about their health with such seriousness and I realize now how a license (and well, five years of training) could truly change things quite swiftly.

All of a sudden you can have a proper job, advice people assertively, have a ‘title’ imprinted on your clinical coat and whatnot, so it does have its perks.

Now, we would like to have all things pertaining to knowledge sorted and settled once we throw our caps in the air (which I never got to do, because guess who was late to her convocation?), but it doesn’t quite happen like that.

I cannot quite speak for other professions, as I have not done any research on this, but I can confidently speak on mine from experience and that of my juvenile (in the profession) colleagues.

I do know that as a budding pharmacist, there are certain things  that may be best left unknown and these are some of them; Read More »

BOOK REVIEW|| ‘Are We The Turning Point Generation?’ by Chude Jideonwo

Hey Tribe,

How are you doing? How are you truly doing?

Honestly, I wonder what answers we actually expect when we throw these questions out there into the universe. Wouldn’t it be rather interesting if people actually answered these questions?

Oh, and it’s a new month. Happy New Month! I am just super thankful because I am done with the first quarter of my internship!! Still a long way to go, but thankful still.

Did you read last week’s post? If you have not, then get over here! You just might need it (Or know someone who does).

I had always thought about including book reviews here, but I have been trying to streamline the purpose and content of this space, so it may or may not be a constant moving forward.

However, this book changed me.

This is not a hackneyed statement for me at all. I did not expect the depth of influence it would have on me.

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LEARNING LIFE|| How To Naturally Thrive In Your First Month In The Workforce

Hey Tribe,

I can’t believe it has been exactly a year since I finished my final exams!! Looking at the pictures of the Class of 2017 that just completed exams gives me major feels. After going through the struggle of what the hell am I doing?, it feels quite good to be here, one step at a time.

This time last year, I was thinking about starting internship and having my own little desk which I would arrange in a cute, inviting way complete with a jar of ‘candy’, just I had seen on some of my favourite blogs.

Now, one year later, I can only laugh so hard at myself for thinking this way. No, really, the reality right now is rather different (at least as an intern pharmacist in a Government-run hospital).Read More »

She Is Not A Plantain, She Is A Pineapple!

Hey Tribe,

I know that in my previous post, I said ‘New post every Sunday’, but here I am on a Wednesday evening night. The true reason is that I had a bit of a hard time letting this go as it is a pretty sensitive one (at least to me, it is) and I have been awfully procrastinate-y (time to stop that!). So, here we go! Be patient, I assure you, I have a point.

I was jejely scrolling through Instagram on Monday, and one of my favorite food bloggers had a picture where she asked what our favourite fruit is? Mine is pineapple.

The pineapple is my favourite because it is just the right medium texture and has an amazing flavour (even though the ‘pines’ give me an itchy tongue). Plus, the pineapple is just such a pretty-looking fruit.

See, the thing about life is that the beauty truly is in our diversity. Imagine a world where we all are the same colour (that means no Yara Shahidi or Tracee Ellis Ross! Or dare I say it.. Drake?! So sad just thinking about it) and speak the same language (there would be no annoying Telenovela voice-overs, which would have actually been great for us).

So, diversity does have its pros and cons.Read More »

DESIRE’S WAKA || When I Actually Thought I Might Die.

Heyyyy Tribe,

Happy New Week guys! Can you feel my unwarranted excitement? I have been a bit under the weather recently. so I am trying to pump myself up consciously for the new week. For consistency and reality sake, I would have a new post up every Sunday.

In totally unrelated news, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to my friends, Neme, Obinna and Chinelo who keep supporting me, even though I have no idea what I am doing with this blog, or life in general.

I may come off as anti-fun sometimes, just because most times if it is not a movie or a restaurant, I tend to prefer staying in my house in peace. In recent times, I have been quite interested in doing other things, I would love to go to art galleries, craft markets, kayaking, parasailing, solo cross-continent travelling. All of a sudden, they seem appealing to me .

However, the first proper adventure I took on was a hilarious disaster actually. Plus, I went with these guys so you can imagine how much fun we had.

Some of my friends and I wanted to go out post-induction just to be happy, and after considering beaches and movies, we just hopped into Taxify cabs and went to Lekki Conservation Center.


It is conveniently located on the Lekki-Epe Expressway. It is basically opposite Chevron and is not difficult to locate, and Google Maps does a pretty good job too.


When you get in, there is a seating area where you can eat and just talk in general. Entry fee per adult is 1000 Naira (for children, 500 Naira) and an extra 1000 Naira for the Canopy Walk (adults only).

There were a lot of monkeys surrounding that area, and there was this turtle (or was it a toroise?).

Guide available?

Initially, we went with a guide, I guess, but then, we lost him/her after some time. However, to be honest, it is definitely still very fun without any guide.

Food or Nah?

You can bring in your food actually. I saw a child’s ‘birthday party’ going on there, complete with cake (Must have been quite fun and affordable too!). You can also keep your food in their office for safety (from the monkeys actually).

The only food vendor I came across was a lone Suya seller, so please bring some form of food if you intend to spend a few hours there and especially if you’re always hungry like I am.


Honestly, this place is quite big and it can fit in a lot of people. We saw different groups of people at different points but there was no cramping, at all!

My friends literally had a football match there. I really wish I could understand the love of football.

There are a good number of seating areas inside and hut-ish things that just look very tropical. Some are small and can fit in you and bae (alone or with a few friends) and there are larger ones which can fit in your church choir if you want.

There was this random fish pond thing that didn’t have a lot of animal life in it, although we were fore-warned not to expect too many animals or anything, so, oh well.

For some reason, I really loved the life-size draught and chess boards. I just thought they were so cute, even though I know nothing about either. However, if you are a chess genius, have fun!

The most random facility though, was the ‘Ultimate Search-esque’ looking stuff. If you don’t know Ultimate Search, think reality-show-where-you-live-in-a-jungle-and-undergo-torturous-games-to-win-millions.

I don’t have many pictures of them, so you should probably visit LCC to see them for yourself.

The unending Walkway (which I am sure you have seen pictures or clips of on Instagram, various pre-wedding photos and movies) was pretty breathtaking to me. In fact, while editing the pictures for this post, I was watching a scene in a movie shot at this location.

It’s just nature in a really pure form with trees so tall you’re constantly protected from the sun. The best part, there are seating areas at intervals on the Walkway, so if you’re tired, you can rest.

The Canopy Walkway

Hands down the best… and worst thing to do!

So, I jejely went there thinking, ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ Heck, I didn’t think about it at all.

Started it and it was all good. At the third ascent, there was this creaking, and this was the first time I genuinely thought of death. (Too deep, abi?) I began thinking, What if it rains? (It was really breezy), What if the breeze causes the thing to tumble? What if we are too heavy and this thing cuts off? (There is NO soft landing at all!).

No joke, no click bait. It was not funny at the time.

Going on, I kept screaming (literally like a rabid dog), shivering, and praying to get home safe.

By the last ascent (5th, 6th,.. can’t even remember), I literally cried (and I think my friend, Neme) did too. The boys were having a swell time (or at least they seemed to be).

It seemed like it would never end, but it did and truth be told, I felt superbly exhilarated and I am extremely happy that I did it. The view from the top is pretty nice too.

Would I do it again? Probably, because at least I know I will be fine, and I won’t fall over

P. S. If you have a true phobia for heights, I would advise against it. Otherwise, please do it! It’s great for people like me who have little or no knowledge of adventure (I mean, we can’t all be Ufuoma or Amarachi).

I intend to go here at least one more time, for good measure, you know. Pretty sure I missed a couple of things this time.

Tips for a fun trip to Lekki Conservation Centre

Go as a group (if possible), it’s just more fun that way and if you’re like me, you just might need a shoulder to cry on.

  • Take your food. Not too much to say, just do (or else you want suya only)
  • For the Canopy Walkway, just take your steps one at a time. It’d be over eventually.
  • Go on a sunny day. No one likes muddy Nature and the Walkway would be closed if it’s raining.
  • Take a walk around, feed the monkeys, see the turtle, just live life jare!

This has been my greatest outdoor adventure so far? What’s yours?

I plan on visiting Olumo Rock, Erin Ijesha, TINAPA, The Yusufari Dunes and do the West African tour (Togo, Ghana, Benin), travel to Rwanda within the next two years. These are my current African travel goals.

What are your African travel goals? Been to LCC? Enjoyed it or was it bleh?

Let us know in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading! Really hoping you’d stay!!



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