Hey Tribe,

First off, Happy Independence Day everyone!!!!!

Why am I so excited? I feel like this is my conscious first time as a semi-adult witnessing Nigeria as a country, not just as Lagos alone.

There’s a lot going on, and there’s a lot of positivity, in fact, more than usual. There’s still a lot of negativity though.

We have a few students working with us currently and one of the days at work, I just decided to carry out a random survey at work with them and some of my co-workers, where I asked the question;

‘Do you think Nigeria will EVER get better?’

I extended this to some of my friends and acquaintances.

Now, my sample was basically a bunch of twenty-somethings (aka my generation), and here is the result of my survey:

65% – NO


20%- YES

I was quite devastated and I still am, honestly still in shock. I mean, I knew that things were bad, but that bad? Never would have guessed. I mean, this is our next crop of fathers, mothers, leaders!

A friend of mine basically said we should start a campaign letting our displeasures be known via Social Media today as we need things to change, and we have nothing to be proud of as a nation.Read More »



Hey Tribe,

I am doing something a bit different today. When I started this blog, one of the things I wanted to include was Style. I took these pictures a long time ago, but I have had a hard time putting them up.

Here’s why… I do not think I look good in bodycon anything simply because I feel like I am too skinny for it and it does not suit my body type at all. However, I bought this dress from a friend and I have only worn it as a top once. I had to think of ways to wear it and feel at peace while wearing it.

Also, the fact that the quality of the pictures isn’t great made me consider scrapping it altogether and honestly, I also had the fear that no one would read the post.

However, one of my major goals for this new year (it was my birthday two days ago 😊) is to ‘Do it Afraid!’. I know this might not seem like a big deal to you, but having my pictures ‘out there’s scares the heck out of me, so here I am… Conquering my fears, as this post sat in my drafts for seven months!!Read More »

Heck Yes, Hell No! : Ultimate Tips For The Cross Country Nigerian Road Trip

Hey Tribe,

Tips for the trip.. See what I did there.😏

Experience has led me to realize that Nigeria is really a great place to have a transport company. You would be shocked at the number of people that travel via road everyday.

I really admire my Igbo people that travel via land several times a year to the le hometown. Lagos to Anambra is an average seven hour journey (and it’s just the first state after the Niger Bridge) while Abuja is about eleven hours away. I appreciate that there are people who travel every month, or week.

On the other hand, some people I know have never travelled past Ibadan from Lagos. For people like me who are simply not used to long distance travels, it can be either an adventure or a sordid bore. I think everyone would prefer the former, actually.

That’s what this is about..helping you make thevery best of your road trip!Read More »

Six Couples You Definitely Me(e)t In University

Hey Tribe,

The previous post struck such a nerve within me, and I know it was kind of heavy-handed, so today, let’s be light-hearted!  Do catch up of you missed previous posts.

I really do think retrospect is a great thing, and considering Love and Romance in Post-Secondary school is very, very interesting. This is the period where you think you have found the love of your life in anyone whom you are in mutual ‘like’ with. Unfortunately, it is also known as the period where we could get the most heart-broken in your life mostly because we are truly too young for the emotional uptake it requires.

When the person you are so ‘in love’ with does not even give you side-eye, e dey pain. However, when he/she gives you hope and crushes your heart to baby powder and you’re trying to turn it to gravel, it can be quite devastating. All in all, it is actually an amazing time to go through.

In my school, there was a great level of freedom of interaction.

Males were allowed into female hostels and vice-versa. There were mixed hostels. There was no curfew for residents. Classes were left open through the night to allow students read. It was pretty chill and let-your-hair-down-y.

You’d always see people at night and we had 24-hour stores open (perks of living in a hospital compound).

Majority of the people you’d see in the middle of the night were the ‘couples’. Continuously walking up and down, when all you could think of is your bed… to sleep, you’d wonder how they don’t get tired! LUTH/ CMUL guys totally understand me.

Love as an undergrad cum teenybopper can come in various interesting ways, these are just some of them. At the end of the day, its still all…Read More »


All things work together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.

Rom 8:28 (in my words) 

A few years ago when I just started putting Bible verses to memory,  this was one of the first ones I  learnt.

Honestly, I can’t clearly remember a good number of these verses, but this one still remains with me, lucid as the azure skies.

Over the years,  when bad things happen or just when things don’t go my way,  I find my way back to this verse.

December 2012

I was in my first semester in 200 level.  It was the beginning of Pharmacy school. I was so happy with my grades from Diploma and had big plans!  I would go to class at 6am (Classes were slated for 8am so I really don’t know why we thought this sensible😑)  to ensure that I got a seat not too forward but not at the back (Yes, people were there before 6am 😕 ).

She was a friend’s friend. We used to see quite frequently and had a couple of conversations. You know how you see someone and for some reason, you don’t like the person. This was the opposite. I just liked Biola. She was so cute, with her glasses and squinting to see me when she didn’t have them on. I find it  easy to like people and she was very easy to like. I liked her, a whole whooping lot.

I went home for the Christmas break, and I don’t really remember how I got the news. There was a drowning.

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Hey Tribe,

Its been a heck of a while, eh? Last time was in March. Wow!! That was not the plan actually. However, life does happen. Sometimes, we need space to evolve.

Over the past few months, its been a real struggle trying to figure out what to show and tell. Its been super difficult trying to decide a niche for this blog (and honestly, for my life in general). I am at that weird trying-to-figure-life-out stage, and at this point I just think its cute.

I love reading personal, lifestyle-ish, beauty blogs like Tuke’s Quest, Cassie Daves, KacheeTee, Shirley B. Eniang, Patricia Bright, Lemon Stripes, Berry Dakara, JustineCelina, Very Erin, Sisi Yemmie, Ifeyinwa Arinze, Afoma Umesi as well as fashion blogs like Style by Alexandriah, The Cocopolitan, Chic Ama Style, Awed by Monica, J’adore Fashion as well as Travel Lifestyle Blogs like The Ufuoma, Kemi Onabanjo, Naija Nomads, Travel With A Pen (This is so not an exhaustive list at all!). I come across new, amazing blogs every single day.

The truth is that I would absolutely love to share my life with you, as I really enjoy reading about other people too.

Its with certitude that I let you know that I am afraid, very very afraid.

I keep thinking, what if no one reads or comments? What if I am too boring? What if my voice is drowned in this already over- exposed world? What makes me think I am valid enough to share my life, lessons and opinions? Heck, what if I regret all of this in five years?!

Then the most scary one, What the hell am I going to do with my life?

Whew! That’s a lot, but that’s the truth.

I’d kept myself in this doubt and its prevented me from allowing this blog (and myself) fulfill its purpose. Yes, I did.. Not anyone else, Me!

When I finally took the bold step to start this blog, I wanted to make it personal and relatable. However, I got really scared and just stopped posting all together. I have so many posts in my drafts, but I never let them out because I was afraid.

In fact, typing this I am afraid that I would not let you see it, but here we are 😊.

I have battled with so much fear, mostly of failing..

In this blog.

In my career as a Pharmacist.

In my job. (Yes, I have had two jobs so far!)

In getting into a meaningful relationship that would, God-willing, lead to a happy marriage ( I still feel old when I realize that some of my mates are married, and some even have children.Yikes!).

Most importantly, in my relationship with God.

Its really annoying to have been stuck in such an unpleasant place for months, but in writing this, I feel a release, a forward movement.

I think this is one of the periods where I have truly felt the impact of comparison being the thief of joy.

I have mentally compared myself to people, including those I see only on Instagram and TV. Meaningless, isn’t it?

I don’t want to live such a life anymore… I miss true joy. I miss laughing at myself. I miss not being on Instagram! It was a much easier life, both a blessing and a curse.

In the midst of all of my downward-ness in recent times, I got a job interview (Big shout-out to Seyi for hooking a sister up!).

This right here is where I totally and absolutely failed!!!! This is the story.

Most of my mates decided to start working as locum pharmacists last year or earlier this year, but I was simply not ready. I wanted to learn how to sew (and I did!). In April, my friend Seyi who was working at a community pharmacy in the area where both of us live told me she was leaving the job and wanted to know if I was interested. On a whim, I said yes, even though I had no clue whether I was or not. I thought about it and decided that I would learn and refresh my memory, as well as a CV boost. I thought, why not?

I was called in for an interview the next week and I showed up on time, dressed up a bit and went in. I thought it would be a breeze but I was oh, so wrong!

I was asked pretty basic questions for a pharmacist like; How do you handle a patient with a cold? Or one with a rash? What are the examples of Angiotensin-Receptor Blockers? What is Amoxil used for?

I could not remember anything. I kept thinking, stammering and repeating the same thing.

Nna, I failed woefully! I just kept thinking and asking myself whether this was all my 5 years was for? For me not to know common ARBs? I mean, Desire, even Amoxicillin!

Maybe my nerves played a part, and the fact that I did not totally know it would be an actual interview. Even with that, there was no real justification for the mess up!

It was so bad that I was asked straight up if I was sure that I even wanted the job and was even initially given a one- week, no- pay probationary period (which was scrapped eventually, thank God). I even apologized for the the terrible interview.

This was my first job interview ever, and I genuinely failed. Quite severely. It made me learn that you have to go towards life as prepared as possible. Its no guarantee of success, but you would be more ready if the worst rears its ugly head.

I am proud, nonetheless, to say I had that job. It may not seem like a big deal, but I am happy about it because I get to be of great help to people and I learnt so much in the process. I would be sharing tips on acing your first job interview and surviving your first month at a job successfully in later posts.

I had to leave that job as much as I liked it, so I could start my one-year internship in August in Agbor, Delta State! This one is a story for another day.

I am so excited to say I have taken back my life. I have gone back to the only source. God! I am learning to breathe and learn to take it all one step at a time.

I have let go of this fear, flushed it down the drain.

I am just at the surface of the first phase of adulting, and it’s already been interesting. Most of the time, I honestly just want to go back to when I was a student and just live in that cocoon, but at other times, I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me.

I am just so happy right now, and its a joy which no man gave me, and I have my enthusiasm about life back. I have actually grown within these few months.

I am not only going to read other blogs (which I love!!), I would pay great attention to mine too, and I hope you keep on reading!

From this post on, I would be like to be diverse with this space. I have ideas, but I would like your help, pretty please.

What kind of posts would you like to see more of? Life? Opinions? DIYs? Style? Learning Life?

How do you deal with life when you are in a fix? What helps you to get out of that ‘I’m-not-doing-again’phase?

Please let me know in the comments!

Honestly, if you actually read this, thank you so much for reading.



Seven Unusual Things I Am Thankful For

Hey Tribe,

How’s everyone been? Hope you’ve had your fill of Jollof?

Things have been a bit somehow lately and I had lost direction as to some of the more important things in life. I had to re-trace my steps and counting blessings is always a good way to refresh and I am so happy I did.

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are mine except in ‘True talk’ and article excerpts with links which contains only Facts . I have no intention in any way to offend anyone by these words as I appreciate the differences in humans as God’s creation, but I want us to see the beauty in our individuality and be thankful for them.

Without further ado, here are some things that I have been thankful for in recent times:

My dry palms: Kind of odd, you think? I watched a show on TLC called ‘Too Ugly For Love?’ and this excerpt from TLC’s website summarizes it:

Stop-motion animator James (26) suffers from hyperhidrosis, known as excessive sweating. The condition takes place particularly in his hands and feet, which makes social interaction very uncomfortable. As James grew up, he noticed that he was often very clammy hands, but he thought that this matter be dealt with. Still, he decided after some online research to go to a doctor; who told him that he had hyperhidrosis. Simple tasks like writing or typing may therefore be uncomfortable for James because he leaves an imprint everywhere. Partly because he’s so aware, he has never had a relationship or dating’

I just kept thinking how we take things for granted in life. Just imagine…Imagine the teens and early twenties… It has to be somewhat uncomfortable , to say the very least. Without much  say, I am just thankful for what I do have.

True talk: In other news, James was really shy but good news.. He found love at the end by the end of the show so… Yayy James!

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